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Detailed Information about Uganda

Uganda is a small country located in East Africa and is one of the landlocked countries in the region. It is bordered by Kenya in the East, Southern Sudan in the North, DR Congo on the West, Tanzania in the South and Rwanda in the South East. Uganda was named by Winston Churchill the Pearl of Africa because of its beauty and the nature of its environment.
The capital city of the country is Kampala with a population of about 1.2million people.


Among the major attractions in Uganda are the 10 National Parks which include: Bwindi National Park for Gorillas, Kibale Forest National Park for Chimpanzees, Kidepo Valley National Park for wildlife, Lake Mburo National Park for wildlife and forest walks, Mgahinga National Park for Gorillas and Hiking, Mount Elgon National Park for hiking adventures, Murchison Falls National Park for wildlife and launch cruise, Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife, Chimps and tree climbing lions, Rwenzori National Park for mountaineering and Semliki National Park for Chimpanzees and Hot springs. Besides National Parks, other attractions include, Jinja for water rafting on Bujjagali falls and the source of the Nile, Mabira Forest, Cultural sites like Palaces and the Kasubi Tombs, Nagalabi Coronation grounds and so on. There are also Snake Parks for reptile lovers, Ngamba Islands for chimps, Ssese Islands, Lake Bunyonyi and so many others.


The official language is English, but locally Luganda and Swahili are the most commonly used Languages especially in the town centers. Other languages like Luo, Lugishu, Lunyakitara, Lusoga and others are also spoken by the natives of different cultures.


Majorly the country’s economy depends on agriculture but due to the prevailing global weather changes, the trend is changing to other sectors like tourism and industrialization.


The country’s largest part has a fairly constant altitude with highlands and mountains in the east and western part of the country. The Normal temperatures here range between 25C and 30C during the day and at night, the temperatures fall to about 16C. However, in Highland areas like Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Elgon, the temperature are cooler than any other area in the country.


There is freedom of worship in Uganda and so there are different religions in the country since all people pray in their own ways. However, the recognized religions are: Roman Catholic, Anglican, Muslim, Pentecostal and the saved. The places of worship for each religion are, Rubaga cathedral for Catholics, Namirembe Cathedral for Anglicans and Kibuli Mosque for the Muslims


The Ugandan shilling is the prevailing currency in the country however US dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling are also acceptable at different forex bureaus in most large towns. You may also obtain local currency from ATMs and credit cards (VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND MASTER CARDS) may be used at selected ATMs.